Templates for Sport Management

The following templates have been developed as a result of years of experience in sport and recreation management.

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Template 1: Strategic Plan

The strategic plan template will not only save you hours of work but will also provide guidance and direction on the features that a good strategic plan will encompass.

The format of the template is set out to make easy reading for the membership of the organisation. It has been developed as a result of researching strategic plans from many organisations, large and small. Although, in its present form it suits a sport club with outdoor facilities, it can be easily adapted to suit any organisation.

The template will assist you to describe the main facets of the organisation, record results of the SWOT analysis, state the longer-term vision and the describe the initiatives to be undertaken.

Other important sections include an introduction, the mission of the organisation and table that indicates the scope of work and to whom it is assigned.

The best thing about this template is that you can just drop your ideas straight onto the well-designed pages and save hours of work.

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Template 2: Operational Plan

The operational plan template has been developed as a result of researching operational plans from many organisations, large and small. The template provides a well-designed format that enables you to list the strategies your organisation will undertake, and allocate human and financial resources, timelines and performance measures.

The template document will provide you with links to useful resources to help you get the job done including a sample operational plan.

Using the template will ensure that your operational plan has a professional finish and will save you hours of work.

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Template 3: Policy Template

Writing a policy is a very difficult tasks even when you have years of experience. This template will assist you to prepare a policy draft that encompasses key information such as purpose of the policy, policy goals, policy principles, process chart, important knowledge and actions required.

In regard to the option to create a process chart in your policy, the template provides links to two examples.

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Template 4: Event Proposal

The event proposal template has a section for event details, event description, proposed event program, human resource, the venue, equipment, scope of work, budget, evaluation and risk management. This template will be particularly useful in situations where you are applying for government funding or seeking commercial sponsorship. It will tick all the right boxes for anyone assessing your competence to stage an event successfully.

Help is on hand to complete all the sections by accessing further information from this website.

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Template 11: Sponsorship Proposal Template

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The sponsorship proposal template in Microsoft Word format provides a sample proposal for a naming rights sponsor that you can edit to suit your club's needs. For a detailed description of the template, including illustrations, of pages can be viewed by clicking here.

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