Top 10 Mistakes with a Computer

Don't be a mug! Every day in every suburb, computers get infected with viruses or fail to start up. It will happen to you if you do not have some rules and procedure for maintaining your computer.


Failure to purchase, install and use anti-virus software correctly. You are a sitting duck if you don't!


Failure to backup your computer on a consistent and frequent basis. Hard drive problems often come without warning.


Allowing others to have access to your computer without any rules as to what they can and cannot do.


Visting porn sites or sites that offer "cracks" for software. You will be infected with viruses and trojans sooner or later.


Using peer-to-peer file swapping software. You will be sure to dowload a virus at some point. You are also breaking copyright law if you upload music or video.


Failure to monitor the available space on your computer's hard drive. If you keep downloading video or music you must regularly check how much space you have, Don't have less than 15% free.


Allowing easy access to private information by unauthorised users. Don't store important passwords (e.g. bank accounts) on your computer in a file called "Passwords".


Not shutting down and disconnecting from power during electrical storms


Not take advantage of the Windows Update service. If you see the Windows Update icon in the bottom right corner of your screen appear, investigate and make sure every update installs.


Not setting up a system of folders on your hard drive to make findings files easier.



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