Policy constraints

If you are charged with the responsibility to develop a policy, it will be important to consider that the policy you write will be constrained by policies, laws and regulations of parent organisations, umbrella organisations, regulatory bodies, community expectations, government policy and legislation. That is why wide consultation is a key to successful policy formulation.

Hence we should not operate in a vacuum but instead a policy space. Our space overlaps the space of many other organisations with whom we must so-exist peacefully Webb, Rowland and Fasano, (1991) .

Diagram showing the constraints imposed on policy formulation by government and other organisations

A sport and recreation organisation must, in its policy formulation, take account of many areas of government policy and regulations. Furthermore an organisation that does not formulate policies is an organisation without control. It may contravene government regulations, fail to conduct its affairs within expected community standards and/or gain a reputation that is undesirable with government funding agencies.

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