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The following information is precisely the same as presented in the example for Indented Paragraphs Method. This method of presenting a strategic plan is often preferred. The table format assists in the organisation of information on the page, that is it may enable the reader to "see at a glance". One disadvantage may be that columns may become rather narrow (as per example below) unless a landscape page orientation is used.

illustration of portrait orientation

illustration of landscape orientation

Key Result Area Goals Objectives Strategies
Membership To attain 1000 members Increase membership in metropolitan area of Brisbane by 20% by 2005 Employ P-T Development Officer (20 hrs p.w.) and conduct visits to schools
Advertise major events through print and broadcast media
To increase membership in over 35 category by 20% by 2005 Initiate masters competition program
Provide funding for masters to attend National Masters Championships
To reduce member loss between ages 18 and 25 by 2-% by 2001 Develop monthly fixtures for non-elite / recreation participation
Develop pathways for members to be involved in officiating at events
Effect regular communication with member aged 18-25 through association newsletter on quarterly basis
Conduct social events appealing to the members aged 18-25

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