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An open planning forum is a widely accepted way of consulting stakeholders. This is a special meeting to which the organisation will invite participants, members, committee persons, employees, and representatives of sponsors and government (all stakeholders) for the purpose of discussing the organisation's future direction.

Such meetings may be considered most beneficial when there is a wide diversity of opinion present. The objectives are to:

The meeting does not necessarily have to be formal but it may be advisable to appoint one person to act as an impartial facilitator. The meeting agenda may include a brief overview of the organisation's present position. However the main business of the meeting is to discuss important issues and problems faced by the organisation. The facilitator may prepare a number of questions to ask those in attendance (forum members) questions that are designed to provoke thought and discussion.

The facilitator should also strive to focus the attention of forum members on finding solutions to problems rather than simply complaining about problems themselves.

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