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Creating Value for Stakeholders

Creating value for stakeholdersTo remain viable in a competitive environment, recreation organisations are pressured to continually improve the value of their goods and services to their stakeholders. On the face of it, this is achieved by improving the organisation of events and activities and/or by improving facilities. However, "value" is also created through the provision of a range of services, some of which are readily identifiable and some are not.

The table below identifies a range of services that may be considered opportunities to create value for stakeholders.

Type of Service Opportunities to provide "value" to stakeholders
Organisation Organising events and programs; bringing participants, officials, and /or spectators together to participate and enjoy Sport and Recreation experiences
Personal development Participation in Sport and Recreation often leads to the acquisition of new skills to play, coach, referee and administrate; such skills are transferable to other walks of life; involvement in Sport and Recreation can be process of self-fulfillment and maturation of the individual physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Facility management Sport and Recreation organisations develop and manage indoor and outdoor spaces for a vast array of activities; facilities require constant upkeep; usage needs to be scheduled; safety must be maintained.
Equipment provision Sport and Recreation organisations provide equipment essential for playing sport or participating in recreation; examples include rowing shells, sailboards, cycles, tents, gymnastics equipment, golf clubs and guns.
Coaching Providing coaching and instruction to participants so that they might learn new skills, reach a higher standard of performance, acquire greater knowledge "of the game" and play more safely.
Communication Informing participants about activities, events and programs, keeping people in touch with one another so that they may enjoy the experiences better
Information Providing results and scores, assisting students with information for projects, giving information to the public about benefits of participation, reporting to funding agencies on progress.
Fundraising Raising funds to assist participants to pay for costs such as travel, facilities, coaching, clothing and equipment. Funds are raised from a variety of sources including government funding schemes, the corporate sector (sponsorship), general fundraising from the public and engaging in profitable programs
Health services Providing programs to increase health, fitness and safety of participants. Health services also include the provision of First Aid, sports injury insurance and sports medicine.
Social and cultural Providing social events for participants to increase their enjoyment of sport and recreation, to further their friendships and to increase their social networks.
Child care Providing childcare services to assist people to participate in sport and recreation. This service requires additional facilities, trained staff and additional cost.
Registration and accreditation Ensuring that coaches and instructors, and sometimes the participants themselves are accredited for the activity. This may involve keeping a database of accredited persons.

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