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Management Intervention

It would be quite normal, perhaps even expected, that some tasks and activities contained within the operational plan will not be successfully achieved. The manager needs to monitor the progress of the operational plan and where there is evidence that an element of the operational plan is not succeeding, the manager needs to investigate the probable causes.

Causes of under-performance of the Operational Plan

For example:

In monitoring the implementation of an Operational Plan the manager will continually check whether outcomes are as expected. These investigations may indicate whether the problem can be "fixed" or not.

There are two courses of action. If investigations show that the problem cannot be fixed, then the strategy is abandoned. In this case, any remaining resources will be utilised for other strategies. If the investigations provides some evidence that the problem can be fixed, then the manager needs to decide the best way to intervene and fix the problem.

Methods of intervention

The following are some examples of how and when managers may intervene in situations where planned outcomes are not being achieved:

Staff Problems

Money problems

Operational plans may fail if budgets are not managed appropriate and the money supply runs out. Managers must intervene at the first sign of money problems:

Communication Problems


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