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Planning of Programs

If the Operational Plan requires the implementation of new programs, there may be a need to include a Program Plan among the Operational Plan's supporting documents. The Program Plan may include specific instructions as to how the new program will be implemented. For example, the Program Plan may contain instructions on dates and times, rules, eligibility, facility and equipment usage, fees and charges, personnel required and safety.

A program plan has similarities to an event management plan. However a program generally consists of linked events and activities that are repeated over a period of time. Examples of programs include:

a coaching program

the provision of coaching to athletes over a period of time

a talent identification program

a series of inter-related activities aimed at identifying, recruiting and nurturing persons deemed to have potential for higher levels of sport performance

coach education program

a number of educational courses and related activities aimed at increasing the skills of coaches

awards program

a system for recognising the outstanding contribution of athletes, coaches, referees and administrators that ultimately leads to the presentation of special awards

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