Fundraising Laws

FundraisingOrganisation managers need to be aware of the rules and regulations imposed by legislation before embarking on any course of action to start fundraising schemes. Although in many cases there is no longer any need to apply for a permit, there is still plenty of opportunity to make mistakes which could possible lead to a fine.

The following types of fundraising schemes are covered by legislation:


Fundraising managers need to check with their local government as to whether a permit is required for the particular fundraising venture they have in mind. This often depends on the intended gross proceeds of the scheme. There may be a monetary level under which no permit is required and over which a permit is required.

If a permit is required it is likely that the organisation must be an Incorporated Association.

Rules for Raffles

If the fundraising scheme is a raffle (also known as an Art Union in Australia) there will be rules about raffle tickets. For example:

There will also be rules about prizes:

There will also be other rules such as :


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