Assault Cases in Sport

Causing intentional injury

Explanation of "Assault" and "Battery":

The Tort of Assault and Battery involves:

Consent is implied to those things which are inherent in the sport. Participants are generally deemed to not consent to behaviour outside the laws of the game. Claims of foul play being a "normal" part of the game are in most cases rejected - e.g. illegal tackles

McNamara v Duncan, 1971 (Civil Case)

R. v Johnson, 1986 (Criminal Case)

In 1986 a rugby player (Johnson) was convicted of wounding another player in the game and served six months’ imprisonment. Johnson was legitimately tackled and in the struggle for the ball, bit off part off another player’s earlobe (R v Johnson (1986) 8 Cr App 12).

See also Football players prosecuted by police for assault


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