Interesting Legal Cases in Sport

Here are some legal cases that have impacted on the manner in which sport is organised and delivered by sport organisations:

Donoghue v.Stevenson 1932 Famous case which established "Duty of Care"
Frazer v Johnston

Jockey ordered to pay damages

Pritchard v Racecage Pty Ltd No-fault compensation schemes for road accident victims
John Dorahy's Fitness Centre v Buchanan

Do disclaimers work?

Constantinos Foscolos v. Footscray Youth Club and Sam Parker Coached sued by injured wrestler for negligence

Nowak v Wakerley Municipal Council

Dangerous ground

Emmett v Manning

Exclusion Clauses

Anderson v Mt Isa Basketball Assoc

Referee Wins Court Battle

Forbes & Bundock

Challenging the sports selectors

Smolden v Whitworth

Sporting official blamed for athlete injury

Ferguson v Smith

Soccer player prosecuted by police

Buckley v Tutty

Restraint of Trade

Clarke v Dunraven

Collateral Contracts

Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co 1893

Unilateral Contracts

Blind Cyclist

Discrimination - Disability

Trudy Gardner - Netball Player

Discrimination - Pregnancy

Matthew Hall v VAFA

Discrimination - Disability

Lisa Jernakoff - Softball Player

Discrimination - Sex

The Super League Case  



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