Employer Obligations

Employer obligations to employees include:

  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Pay correct wages
  • Reimburse employees for work-related expenses
  • Collect Tax installments and forward to the Tax Office
  • Make payments as required by law towards the employee's Superannuation
  • Provide a workplace free from harassment including sexual harassment
  • Allow employees to join a union

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unlawful under State and Federal legislation. All employees have a responsibility to behave in a manner that is not offensive or threatening to co-workers. It is the employer's responsibility to create a workplace climate that is free of sexual jokes, comments, innuendoes and actions that could cause embarrassment or offence to workers.

Right to Join a Union

Employees have the right to decide whether to join a union or not. In this decision they must be free from harassment or intimidation.

Safe Workplace

Employees have the right to work in a workplace that is free from industrial hazards and is not injurious to health. Workplaces should have adequate lighting, heating, ventilation and appropriate safety equipment.


Superannuation is the term given to a method for accumulating funds for a person' retirement. In Australia it is law (Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992), it is compulsory for all employers to make contribution to the employee's superannuation scheme. The minimum contribution, with a few exceptions, that an employer must make is 9% of the employees gross earnings.

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