Building Your Resume

People, starting out in their working life, are often worried that their resume will not stand them in good stead when applying for a particular job they desire.

Here are some suggestions to build your resume and give you more confidence to apply for jobs in the sport and recreation industry.

Knowledge of Sport

Sport administration does not require expertise in the technical skills of the sport. The knowledge that is important includes: (follow links for more information)

While you may not have direct experience of sport management, if you make very brief bullet point statements on your Resume that you have understanding of the issues that sport organisations deal with, and the way the sport industry works, your Resume will be much improved.

Technology Skills

Be sure to mention any or all of the following skills on your resume. I quick study of mail merge before going to an interview would be useful.

Communication skills

Communication skills are important in almost any job. Rather than make simple statements such as "Possess good communication skills", make a brief statement (one sentence) on any of the following in your resume if they apply to you:

Organisation Skills

People who work in the sport and recreation industry generally have the responsibility to organise events and programs.

Your resume needs to convey that you are comfortable with coordinating people, and that you can be relied upon if given a coordination task. If a person is young and/or not experienced in sport administration, it is unlikely they can demonstrate actual experience in organising sport events. However, they can demonstrate that they have the basic coordination skills i.e. coordinating people, using checklists, planning tasks, etc.

Length of Resume

It does no good for a resume to be long. One page, double-sided, well spaced out is the longest it should be for most people. But one single-sided page may be sufficient if it says the right things about you.

It is really important to consider that having one standard resume that you use for all jobs is not a good idea. Your resume may need to be altered slightly to reflect the objectives and duties of each job to which you apply.

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