Jobs in Sport and Recreation in Australia

Total Employment in Sport and Recreation

The following data on employment in the Sport and Recreation Industry in Australia is taken from the Australian Bureau of Statistics catalogue - 4148.0: Employment in Sport and Recreation, Australia, 2006.

The number of persons whose main job was in sport and recreation in Australia was 75,155 in 2006. In the table below, please see table "Total of All Occupations" at the bottom. However, this is not the total picture of employment. In June 2005 there was a total of 111,519 people mainly engaged in providing sport and recreation services in Australia. Of these people, 41.7% worked for "non-profit" organisations, 9.9% worked for government and 48.4% worked for "for-profit" enterprises. Source: Australian Burea of Statistics Catalogue 4148.0: Employment in Sport and Recreation, Australia, 2006.

Growth in the Fitness Industry

The Fitness Industry continues to grow. According to a report published by Service Skills Australia and prepared by the Centre for the Economics of Education and Training, the employment of Fitness Instructors more than doubled from 2001 to 2009. Therefore the 2006 figure of 13,800 is now considerably more.

Obtain a comparison of hourly earnings of the sport and recreation industry as compared with other industries

Occupation No. of persons ANZSCO code
Fitness Instructor 13,800 452111
Greenkeeper 12,138 362311
Swimming Coach or Instructor 7,588 452315
Stablehand 3,879 841516
Other Sports Coach or Instructor 3,461 452317
Sports Centre Manager 3,406 149113
Horse Trainer 2,763 361112
Lifeguard 2,596 452414
Sports Umpire 2,384 452322
Tennis Coach 2,146 452316
Recreation Officer 2,061 272612
Gymnastics Coach or Instructor 2,046 452312
Sports Administrator 1,905 139915
Fitness Centre Manager 1,663 149112
Footballer 1,453 452411
Horse Breeder 1,416 121316
Golfer 1,219 452412
Sports Development Officer 898 452321
Sportspersons 842 452499
Outdoor Adventure Instructor 833 452215
Other Sports and Fitness Workers 6,658  
Total of All Occupations 75,155  


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