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It is very important to be precise when putting together a sponsorship package. The sponsorship package is the basis of the agreement between your organisation and the sponsor. You should think of your sponsorship package as a product. Think in terms of yourself buying a product and then finding out that it was incorrectly described. If this happens it is likely you will be unhappy.

When you create a sponsorship package, you will need to give it a name e.g. "The Gold Package". This is particularly true if you have more than one package available.

In the example below, you should notice that there is no attempt to value the individual parts of the package. Simply the package has a total value.

Team Sponsor Package


24 hour street signage( fluorescent)

Sign size 1.00m x 0.75m ( sign built by club to sponsor's specification)



Team naming rights Semi-Pro Division 1 team



Weekly posting of 5.0cm x 2.5cm advertisement in Official Magazine

The official magazine of the Queensland Soccer Federation is ‘Eye On Soccer’ featuring sponsor's logo. There are 52 issues per year and it is distributed among all Q.S.F. affiliated clubs and sold to general public at Brisbane Strikers’ home games.



Semi-Pro div 1 match shirt signage sponsors name or logo

Signage size 30cm x 15cm (front or rear of shirt)



Ground signage - sign size 5m x 1m



Invitation, free of charge, to two representative of sponsor to end of season dinner and award presentation .



Naming rights of the ' Player of the Year’ award to be presented at the end of season dinner and award presentation



Adapted from: D.Morgan 2000

Notes on including prices of benefits:

Sponsorship packages such as stated below do not usually quote a price for each individual benefit. Instead a total price for the package is stated. The figures in blue have been left to show how the value of the package has been calculated.

The benefit of knowing the value (price) of the individual benefits in the package is that it enables the package to be tailored to the sponsor's needs. For example, if the sponsor wants a package that does not include the weekly posting of 5cm x 2.5cm advertisement in Q.S.F. ‘Eye On Soccer’ magazine, then the total value of the package can be reduced to $6,000.

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