Benefits for your sponsor

On this page you will find a wide range of benefits that can be offered to the sponsor.

It is important to consider your organisation's capacity to deliver any of the following benefits BEFORE making any agreement with your sponsor. Don't make promises that you cannot keep.

naming rights

You can offer ONE sponsor only the "Naming Rights" of your event, or program, or facility, or even your team.

Let suppose your prospective sponsor is a telecommunications company called "SpeedTel".

Example 1: Naming Rights to an event.

If your organisation was running a major swimming championship, you could offer naming rights to your event e.g. The SpeedTel Swimming Championship.

Example 2: Naming Rights to a facility

If your organisation owned a stadium, you could offer naming rights to your facility e.g. The SpeedTel stadium

Example 3: Naming Rights to a team

If you organisation is a sporting club affectionately know as "the Scorpions", you could offer naming rights to your top team, e.g. The SpeedTel Scorpions


The naming rights sponsor should be the main sponsor of your organisation. Therefore the package of benefits offered the naming rights sponsor attracts a high price.


The sponsor purchases one or more signs which are erected and positioned in particular location for specified period of time.

This is the most commonly provided benefit.

In any agreement that you setup with the sponsor you must clearly state:

  • dimensions of the size e.g. 3m x 1m
  • where the sign will be located
  • the period time the sign will remain in the stated location.
award presentation

Invite the sponsor to present awards and make a speech.

Your organisation can also name a perpetual trophy after the sponsor, and present a special certificate and team photo to your sponsor.


Invite the sponsor to your event and provide special hospitality benefits such as good seats, food and drinks.

The corporate box is an example of "hospitality" benefits.


Advertise your special event in a newspaper and include your sponsor's logo and message.

You can also make special announcements throughout your event that promote the sponsor.


The sponsor's logo and message may be included on:

  • Your club's brochures and other special documents
  • Merchandising that you sell such club polo shirts or jumpers
  • Car bumper or window stickers
  • Team apparel

In some circumstance your organisation may be able to offer a year's membership or a year's facility usage as part of the sponsorship package.

product promotions

Use of athletes to assist with product promotions

  • Product promotions at special events
  • Distribution of discount vouchers for members to buy sponsor's products
  • Your team could serve, all at once or in a roster (in team shirts) behind the counter of your sponsor's business
  • Organising a raffle that includes sponsor's products

You can sell your sponsor some advertising space in your newsletter and/or offer your sponsor the opportunity to insert brochures into your newsletter if it is posted out.


Possibilities for publicity includes newspaper articles, and radio and television reports.

  • Considerable care must be taken in offering publicity as a benefit to sponsors. Although efforts may be made to obtain publicity success cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you do choose to offer publicity as a benefit you should demonstrate your success in the past.

You should try to set specific targets that are realistic.

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