Exercise 14: Performing a Bank Reconciliation

Exercise Overview

In this exercise students will get to grips with the very important task of performing a bank reconcilation, that is explaining the difference between the bank balance as reported on the bank statement and the bank balance as reported in the financial accounts of the business.

Exercise Instructions

To undertake this exercise, you will need to download and print the following documents in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format. Importantly, a template is provided to assist you complete the exercise more easily.

The first document provides advice and explanation on how to perform a Bank Reconciliation.

Instructions How to prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement
Supplement A Bank Statement
Supplement B List of Deposits
Supplement C List of Cheque Payments
Supplement D Previous month's Bank Reconciliation Statement
Supplement E Template for a Bank Reconciliation Statement in MS Excel
Supplement F Template for a Bank Reconciliation Statement in MS Word

For further explanation go to the web page for Bank Reconciliation Statement.

Answer to this Exercise

You can obtain an answer to this and all other accounting exercises on this website:

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