Exercise 9: Purchase Journal Exercise

Exercise Overview

An exercise in which students are given a partially completed Purchases Journal and must summarise transactions for the month according to given accounts. Essentially this is a categorising exercise.

Exercise Instructions

To commence this exercise you must download a Microsoft Excel file containing a partially completed Purchases Journal.

The Purchases Journal in the Excel file contains a list of twenty (20) purchases transactions. It should be remembered that, unlike the Cash Payments Journal, all transactions in this Purchases Journal are "on credit" i.e. at the time the purchase was made, no money changed hands. If money had changed hands at the time the purchase was made, the transaction would be in a different journal i.e. the Cash Payments Journal.

Your task is to complete the Purchases Journal by analysing each transaction and deciding which account column it must be placed.

You will find further instructions on the first page of the workbook.

illustration of purchases journal

For more information on journals go to the page What are journals?

Download the exercise file (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)

Answer to this Exercise

You can obtain an answer to this and all other accounting exercises on this website:

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