Free Video Tutorials for Learning Microsoft Excel

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If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer and don't know much about how to use it, then here is some good news! You can access 15 FREE video tutorials for people who are beginners, or very new to Excel.


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See menu on left to access video tutorials. The spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful and widely used software that has ever been created. The Spreadsheet is a tool that has revolutionized so many laborious arithmetic and calculating tasks, created greater efficiency in the workplace and enabled the business manager to maintain greater control over business activity. Indeed, the spreadsheet is also the tool of choice for home budgeting and creating lists of assets for home insurance purposes.

In reality, there are few occupations in which a basic ability to utilise spreadsheet software is not beneficial. For anyone contemplating a career in business, finance, science, engineering, medicine, education, information technology and management, spreadsheet skills are essential.

While the grid of rows and columns looks daunting to the uninitiated, a great advantage can be gained from Excel with just a very few skills that can be learned in just an hour or two.

In the menu on the left are links to a series of 15 video tutorials (average time is 5 minutes each) for people who are new to Microsoft Excel that will get you up and running with this great software in quick time.

If you find these Video Tutorials helpful and want to learn more, then you can access 10 more Video Tutorials and a printed learning resource.



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