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Equipment for Event Control

Templates availableThis category of equipment includes:

Electronic equipment can be hired, borrowed or purchased. The acquisition of equipment needs to begin early in the event management process. In some cases specialised equipment may not be available on the local market. It may have to be imported from abroad and this can lead to worrisome delays over which the Event team have little control. Furthermore equipment may have to be manufactured, and this may take months.

Often specialised equipment is borrowed from similar organisations or from the sport parent body. It wil need to be transported, checked and stored ready for use.

Persons who need to operate such equipment during an event may need to practise beforehand. It is best to practise under conditions of a real event but of a smaller or less significant nature.

Equipment needs to be budgeted and this information has great importance in constructing the overall event budget. Any possibility of cost over-runs must be notified to teh event director at the earliest.

see also: Equipment for Event Participant Use


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