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Social Media and Events

There is often an element of fear and worry when contemplating a new event that it will be supported sufficiently by the club's membership or oganisation's customers. The key questions that need to be resolved to alleviate this worry are:

Using social media is a great way to get answers to these questions. While older generations may not yet be fervent users of social media, it would likely be that the majority of any club's membership will be using one form of social media or another.

Social media relieves the need to send mass emails to the membership. Instead the club committee (or originator of the event idea) can pose a few well-chosen questions to friends and fans on Facebook, or followers on Twitter or connections on LinkedIn. There are of course other social media, but Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the big three.

An example of a question posted on Facebook could be "We are thinking of running a 70's dinner and dance on Saturday 15 May. Are you interested?"

The Facebook post could contain a link to an online survey, or to a registration form on the club's website or simply a request to send an email expressing interest. Setting up an online survey is really easy these days with specialist survey websites such as SurveyMonkey.

If your social media efforts indicate that your proposed event has support from within your club/community, then your posting can move on to the next stage - promoting the event. Information about the event may be too much to post, especially when "tweeting" on Twitter. Therefore it is advisable to set up a web page for the event and post the link to site in the social media.







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