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Hospitality in Events

Hospitality should be regarded as an integral aspect of improving the quality of event spectators' experience. The two main objectives of improving the spectators' experience is to encourage the spectator to:

  1. Return to event on a frequent basis
  2. Promote the event by word of mouth in the community

Event managers need to think beyond the refreshment stall but be aware of industry trends as to how sport and recreation organisations are increasing the rewards for participants. It is good policy for managers to investigate some of the best events in their community to identify what are other organisations are providing participants.

Hospitality is often a term used to infer food and beverages served. However Collins dictionary defines "hospitable" to be welcoming guests and strangers. Event managers need to see their event from the point of view the participant/spectator point of view. The following may be some of the items that would make spectator "guests" feel more welcome:

  1. Seating
  2. Food and refreshment
  3. A reception area for dignitaries and other important personnel
  4. Information stands manned by event personnel
  5. Good standard of toilets, wash rooms and baby change areas for public
  6. Good standard change facilities
  7. Facilities for people with a disability
  8. Giveaways and lucky door prizes
  9. Special services for competitors such as masseurs, lockers
  10. Directions to venue on web site
  11. Assistance with parking
  12. Good public announcement system
  13. End of event function


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