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Emergency Plan Checklist for an Event

It is extremely important to have considered various emergencies that might occur at an event, and to undertake some planning as how such emergencies should be handled.

The following 'Emergency Plan Checklist' for an event should not be regarded as complete. There will always be differences due to the type of event, the locality and the facility. Event administrators should be build upon the following list but at least it will give you a head start.

Sample Emergency Plan Checklist

  1. Has the event organising committee actually discussed possible emergencies and tried to identify the different types of emergencies that may occur?
  2. Have event volunteers and other club staff received any training as what they may do in the case of an emergency?
  3. Does your club have a documented emergency plan?
  4. Does the emergency plan stipulate duties and responsibilities of event personnel and club staff if an emergency occurs?
  5. Does the emergency plan list all safety/emergency equipment (and first aid kit) and the location it can be found?
  6. Does the emergency plan provide clear instructions on the checking of emergency equipment?
  7. Does the emergency plan provide clear instructions on how and when to contact emergency personnel and emergency services?
  8. Does the emergency plan provide clear instructions on how and when to shut down electricity supply?
  9. Is key safety/emergency information posted clearly on an easily available noticeboard?
  10. Are there notices that tell people not to block entry and exit routes for ambulances and other emergency personnel, and is this policed?
  11. Is there equipment for emergency lighting should an emergency occur in the dark?
  12. Is there provision for access to master keys in the event of an emergency
  13. Is there a means to signal to persons who might be in danger i.e. loudspeakers?
  14. Is there plan to carry out emergency drills e.g. fire drills?

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