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Types of Events

Types of events

The organisation of events is perhaps the primary activity of sport and recreation organisations. Workers in the sport and recreation industry, salaried and voluntary, are essentially organisers of people whether they be event directors, coaches, referees, instructors or facility supervisors. This organisation of people is manifest by what we see and call an "event". The term "event" in the sport and recreation industry usually refers to a situation where participants, facilities, equipment and other resources are coordinated to enable a form of sport or recreation to occur.

The events conducted by Sport/Recreation organisations include:

Competitive events may range from the Olympic Games to a small local under 7's soccer match and anything in between. The scope of the events therefore depends upon the purpose of the event, the extent of participation, the facilities and equipment required, and the importance of the event in terms of community interest.

The organisation of courses to assist participants learn more about playing, coaching and officiating are a fundamental part of the work carried out by recreation organisations. Such events must be carried out to ensure the continuance of the sport or recreation activity.

Promotional events are not primarily organised for the benefit of the player or participant. They are organised to promote the sport or form of recreation activity to a target market with the underlying objective to increase participation. They may also have a second objective to promote the sponsor to the target market as well.

Conferences have many objectives. They may be organised gatherings of participants and/or members to carry out planning, to review progress, discuss important issues, circulate new information, select committee personnel, examine the position of the organisation and to impart new knowledge about the sport or recreation activity.

Fundraising events include dinner functions, special entertainment functions, bingo or card nights, charity auctions and awards evenings.

Irrespective of the type of event, the skills required to manage an event are much the same and only the magnitude and complexity differs. Persons who are called upon to manage an event may acquire many titles but in this text for the sake of simplicity they will be called the Event Director.

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