Communication Barriers

A number of factors can influence the efficiency and flow of information within an organisation.

Time as a communication barrier

picture of a clockSport and recreation organisations are mostly run by volunteers, and that includes committee personnel, coaches and other support personnel.

In today's Australia, the dual-income families predominate and increasing in proportion to all families. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics people are working longer, and the incidence of people working two jobs is increasing. What this means is that there are fewer volunteers, and those that do volunteer have less and less time.

The administration of organisations is to a large extent dependant on the time input of volunteers, and the inevitable consequence of modern working life is that communication in organisations suffers.

Money as a communication barrier

Picture of a bag of moneyDespite the increasing sophistication and proliferation of technology, communication in organisation suffers as a consequence of a lack of funds.

When organisations prepare their budgets, communication is not often as a high a priority as purchasing new equipment, building new facilities or hiring staff.

The fact is that if members want excellence of communication, they must be prepared to pay for it. The cost of maintain websites, mail outs, newsletters and other forms of communication must be costed into the yearly membership fee.

Few organisations are prepared to increase fees just to improve communication and therefore communication will continue to be a problem.

Here is a simple budget for an organisation which has 500 members. The budget is based on the assumption that not every member will need or wants every communication that is outputted from organisation.picture of a spreadsheet of a communication budget

Therefore if an organisation does not have sufficient financial reserves it will tend to cut the cost of communications.

Technology as a communication barrier

The Social Media phenomenon represents an outstanding weapon that enables sports administrators to get a message out about programs, services, events and activities with great speed. SMS text messaging is also an instant communication channel and email is still a reliable communication workhorse. Then there is also Skype that enables a ½ billion people to make free phone and video calls.

Technology enables people to network and connect on a scale far beyond whatever could have been envisaged just 20 years ago.

However, there is still an older segment of the population that has little or no technology skills. For the older generations, technology is a great concern and few learn to master it.

Despite the technology revolution, there are still barriers and they may continue to exist for another 20 years.



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