Budgeting Exercises for Students

Sample Budgeting ExerciseThe menu below provides you with 15 budgeting exercises that have been developed to illustrate typical scenarios in budgeting for businesses and organisations.

Exercises will supply you with:

You should endeavour to use Microsoft Excel to prepare your answers to these exercises as Excel is the tool of choice for most people in budgeting.

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List of Budgeting Exercises

Exercise 1 Typical sport and recreation expenditure
Exercise 2 Estimating income and expenditure
Exercise 3 Break-even analysis
Exercise 4 Gross Profit Scenarios
Exercise 5 Simple event budget
Exercise 6 Complex event budget
Exercise 7 Simple program budget
Exercise 8 Employment budget
Exercise 9 Cashflow budget
Exercise 10 Cost benefit analysis
Exercise 11 Cost centres budget
Exercise 12 Club budget
Exercise 13 Simple financial model
Exercise 14 Merchandising
Exercise 15 Variance analysis

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