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Exercise12: Generating Club Income

The Black Stump Football Club


Your task

Directors of the Black Stump Football Club anticipate that income for the forthcoming year will be earned from the following sources:

  • Player Registration Fees
  • Game Fees
  • Coaching Levy
  • Canteen Sales
  • Clothing and Equipment Sales
  • Sponsorship
  • Subsidy from Local Council

Your task in this exercise is to calculate the total income for the Black Stump Football Club for the seven (7) sources of income listed above using the information given on the activity sheet.

Download Activity sheet for Budgeting Exercise 12

A partially prepared Excel file is provided to assist you accomplish the task in a shorter timeframe. The Excel file (“Budgeting_Exercise_12.xls”) contains tables ready for you to insert data.  The partially prepared Excel file does not contain any formulae. You will need to create formulae where appropriate to calculate answers.

Download Excel file for Budgeting Exercise 12


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