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Exercise 6: Event Budget

Exercise Overview

Budgeting Exercise 6: Create an event budgetIn this exercise, you task is to create a budget for a four day weightlifting tournament. This exercise will assist the learner to understand how to set out a financial statement that shows anticipated income and expenditure for a project such as an event.

Exercise Instructions

Download the activity sheet for Budget Exercise 6 - Creat an Event Budget

You are provided with two alternative resources to help you complete the exercise. Use only one of the two resources:

The worksheet in MS Excel format should be preferred if you have the skills to enter appropriate formula to carry out the simple arithmetic tasks. You will need to download this MS Excel file from the URL:

Otherwise use the template on the next page in this document.

The time required to complete this exercise when using the Excel template is 20 minutes or less depending on the Excel skills of the learner.









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