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New and improved exerciseBudgeting Exercise 3: Break- Even Analysis

download activity sheet Excel Workbook

This exercise comprises six (6) different event scenarios in which your task is to calculate a Break-Even Point for some type of event. The scenarios increase in degrees of difficulty and pose problems such as working out how many people are needed, or what price should be charged, or which venue will be more profitable, etc.

Download budgeting exercise 3 - Break-even point analysisYou are supplied with ready-to-go Excel worksheets for each scenario to make your task easier. The activity sheet provides you with instructions on how to find solutions to these scenarios and the Excel Worksheet is colour coded to assist you enter data.

This series of six(6) break-even point problems will take 15 minutes or less to complete.

Downloads for this exercise

Activity sheet for Budgeting Exercise 3 - Break-Even Point Analysis

Excel workbook for Budgeting Exercise 3 - Break-Even Point Analysis

The Excel workbook has been saved in the older 1997-2003 version of Excel (i.e. compatibility mode). If you want to save this file with your workings, then choose "Save As Type" Excel Workbook (*.xlsx).



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