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People who volunteer for the Management Committee

It is important to realise that members of the Board or Management Committee are generally volunteers, that is they are unpaid for the work they do on behalf of the organisation. This realisation may enable a proper appreciation of their time input and the work they do.

Board members come from all walks of life. The only common factor is that they have some motivation for wanting to assist the organisation.  Sometimes they may have little or no previous experience as board members, or experience of formal meetings, or the type of decision-making process that takes place within the boardroom. It is common for  Boards to have a mix of people with and without management experience.  This makes for an interesting situation around the boardroom table and good communication and patience are useful skills to possess.

People who serve on Boards and Committees, in the most part, give their time unselfishly and without reward to assist organisations. Usually this is because they or a family member have received benefit from the organisation and want to return something back.

Serving on a board or committee requires attending monthly meetings and undertaking duties in between. However, the benefits of volunteering often outweighs the time outlay.

How to volunteer for the Management Committee

If you wish to volunteer your services to a Board for a few months you should consider

  1. Be positive in your approach. You have much to gain out of this exercise
  2. Show willingness to be assigned projects by the board / committee.
  3. Maintain regular communication with at least one board member. Contact twice per week is recommended.
  4. Dress appropriately when meeting Board  / Committee members i.e. smart casual
  5. Remember that your dealings with the Board / Committee will be evaluated.

Benefits of volunteering as a Committee Member

Being a committee member is an excellent personal development activity. Yes, there is a time outlay but there is also a potential to learn many things.

The benefits of volunteering for the Management Committee of a Sport Club or Association include:

There is no doubt that time spent on a management committee provides a great opportunity to improve your CV. Furthermore, you will also gain good knowledge that you can use in interview situations for a new job.

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