This website is dedicated to students and teachers who need information about the field of Sport and Recreation Management. The site contains more than 500 freely available web pages and some resources which are downloadable for a small fee. The resources for Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Event Management and Sponsorship are widely used across the world. The site was initiated in 1998 to assist students locally in Brisbane Australia but increasingly resources are being developed to assist teachers with their classroom practise.


Exercises, with answers available, for self-study at home in Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Budgeting, Law, Event Management, and Microsoft Office.


Quizzes for self-study or classroom teaching or training in Budgeting, Financial Management, Sponsorship and Funding, Environment and Technology

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets that provide essential knowledge on a range of topics including Law, Environmental Management, and the Sport and Recreation Industry


Event Operations Manual
Software for Club Treasurers
Operational Planning Pages


Database software for club membership, team management and event management.


Useful templates for students, teachers and sports management professionals.

Video Tutorials

25 Video tutorials for developing skills with Microsoft Excel. A combined duration of over 2 hours of instruction.